January 2014



Squat 3×5 (add 5 lb to last workout)
Bench 3×5 (add 2.5 lb to last workout)

Front Squat 7 RM

Front Squat 7 RM


Complete 5 rounds for time:

Push Press @ 90% of Press 5 RM – 5 reps
Chin Ups – 3 reps
Push Press @ 90% of Press 5 RM – 3 reps
Chin Ups – 5 reps
Push Press @ 90% of Press 5 RM – 1 rep
Chin Ups – 7 reps

Post times and loads used to comments.

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  1. Brandon

    Hope everyone had a great extended weekend!

    Quick question! Do any of y’all incorporate extra OLY lift work in with this program? I’m starting my second week and I don’t know if it’s part of a cycle or not … Just wondering!

    Have a great week.

  2. Gavin

    Hi Ms. Voigt. In before Ingo, and that’s all that really matters.

    @ Brandon, I don’t. Are you on amateur progression? Amateur does power clean linear progression every Friday. The other tracks will do some power cleans but also snatch on Fridays. Occasionally there is other Oly work programmed throughout the week as part of conditioning. I’ll be honest with you, I’m pretty exhausted from bar work when each rest days rolls around. I could do some more rowing or dips, but I never have a desire for barbell work. Maybe it’s just me.

  3. Comet

    Might be wishful thinking but we are going to put my work to the test. This time last year, my 2RM was 300lbs. I am going for that with my 7RM.

  4. John R

    Need some solid advice. This is my first week of CFFB. I started on Monday and hadn’t done any form of exercise for the last 6 months. I have no idea what a 5rm press for me is. I did the 3×5 press Monday with 115 and hit all reps. Should I just stick to 90% of that since I’m just getting back in? Thanks.

  5. Bakari

    @John I would stick to the lighter stuff until at least a couple more weeks in to get the movement patterns back. Gotta shake off that rust man. Always better safe than sorry

  6. Clint

    @John R.
    Have you noted the difference between the press (strict) we do on Monday and the Push-Press that is programed for tomorrow ?
    Push press is a dynamic move using a leg-drive and you should easily be able to use the weight you did on Monday – as the shoulder press is pure arms/back/shoulders. No lower body.

    I have no idea what my push-press max is either. I’m pretty sure I could push-press for 1 or 2 reps @225 pounds. So I figure if I take 90% of that I should be about my 5RM. Which puts it at 210. The workout calls for 90% of 5rm, so for the wod I’ll use 190#. Seems about where I’d guess it too.
    The weight I start maxing out on my 3×5 press is 85% of this weight. This is a couple months into program too.

    So, using that “theory”. Perhaps you could try to use 135# ? If that sounds too heavy, then drop weight.
    Eventually, because you’ll take impeccable records and be able to track all of this, you will figure it out.
    Sometimes you’ll go too easy, other times you’ll over exert yourself. The trick is to learn thyself and record it.

    For me, I feel that 190 is either going to crush me or be just right. I doubt it will be too easy. So I’m going with the push it option. If, tomorrow, I’m still sore or I really struggled with the bench, I may go 180-185 too.

  7. Clint

    ^^ Of course, just noticed my math is off. Wish we could edit these things sometimes. 225*.9 = ~201. Must have hit 235 on calc. So ultimately, using my broscience math, it can still work and get a ball park… maybe….

  8. John R

    @Clint Maybe someone from HQ can correct me if I’m wrong but I took it as a 5rm max press(strict) not a 5rm max push press.

  9. Kelly Gage

    “Push Press @ 90% of Press 5 RM”

    The conditioning says to push press at 90% of press 5rm not push press 5 rm.

    @John R I’d do the first round at 90% of your 115 from Monday. If that seems easy then you can always go
    up. Or down if need be.

  10. Gavin

    We may not know our 5RM press weight, but we’ve all had a recent experience doing push press as part of a conditioning workout on Tuesday’s conditioning so we can impart some logic from that experience as well. My heaviest load was 6 rounds (21 reps) @ 115# and felt like dying. This workout calls for 45 total reps along with 75 chins.

  11. John_C

    I’ve been hitting the refresh tab every 5mins from 10:30am (I’m in Aust) like a lab-rat on a feeder bar…
    Swod-7rm fnt sq 140kg (305lb) pr I think definitely for 7reps…
    Cwod- @ 60kg (135lbs) tried to stay strict-ish but had to kip a few of the chin-ups.
    good wod though 11:53asrx.

  12. Clint

    Ok, I read it as “…..90% of push press 5RM” just kind of glossed over that detail – especially since it didn’t seem unreasonable to me. It just got a whole lot lighter. No doubt the couplet with the chin ups will be a shocker.
    Clearly I can neither read nor do math.

  13. Nate K

    FS 7RM

    Used 40kg
    Push press was easy, could’ve done more. Chins got hard by the 3rd round and I slowed. Ended up doing singles just to finish the bastard

  14. SteveB

    Brutal workout today!

    Squat- 140kg 3×5
    Bench- 72.5kg 3×5 (recently reset)

    Chins-Slight resistance band
    Time- 15:30ish

  15. Ax

    SWOD: Squat 100kg (PR)
    Bench 60kg

    DWOD: 14:21 @50kg
    Mid of rd3 I needed to do “jumping” chin ups

  16. Meat

    Question for those who have been on this program for a few years-
    I’m thinking of switching to the Collegiate level after being on the Amateur level for almost a year and having done a few resets on all lifts. However, I don’t feel that my amateur level lifts are where they should be in order to switch. Current lift numbers that I haven’t been able to break through even after resets-
    3×5 Back Squat- 255
    5RM DL- 365
    3×5 Press- 160
    5×3 Power Clean- 235
    What do you all think- stick with Amateur for a little longer (maybe add some assistance work) or make the switch to Collegiate?
    All comments are appreciated.

  17. Mopar F.K.S.

    FS 7RM

    Rx’d with 155# PP and strict CU

  18. Mopar F.K.S.

    @Meat – That’s a tough one to answer without knowing more about you. What is your age/height/weight? Have you done a linear progression type of program before? During the year of training have there been any significant lapses/breaks/injuries in your training? What were your numbers when you started? How have your recent gains been? At first glance I would say almost a year on a linear progression program is long enough, but some people that have never been on one and are relatively young seem to be able to ride that train longer. Also, remember that just by switching to Collegiate doesn’t mean your strength gains are over.

    I am sure you will get some good advice from others as well.

  19. zk

    @ slager from yesterday.
    A couple of things coaches out there might want to think about.
    You are correct the athletic position is all about being in position ready to move in any direction. Austin’s feet, knees, hips do land in good positions. (I don’t say anything contrary)
    You are also correct that the goal of CFFB is developing strong and powerful athletes, but its also making sure that the athlete doesn’t get injured
    There are a couple of things I will disagree with you on.
    If you say forget it or don’t mention wrist posture, grip, and cervical posture and movement pattern to the athlete, and go with fuck it, you just need to focus more on hip and knees to generate more power. (I get it, if he pushes harder that weight will come up faster and he’ll get underneath it. But when it gets heavier and he catches it with an over extended wrist, like he’s doing, he’ll fuck up his SL ligament and then instead of getting his scholarship he’ll get a wrist surgeon)
    But you need to consider other things as well. The athletic position is more than hips, knees, ankles. It’s also trunk and cervical posture and maintaining it. Its proprioception and kinesthetic sense as well. If you let the athlete practice shitty training methods (IE jump back during a power clean, however slight, that’s how he will play.) instead of delivering a blow he’ll literally hop back and put himself at poor athletic positioning and either miss a tackle, receive the blow, or injure himself. Better to be hammer than a nail. The power clean or like lifts are taught so we can effectively and efficiently transfer power from lower extremities through trunk while maintaining mid-line stability to upper extremities while knowing our bodies position in space.
    Elite or high level lifters hop back during their lifts and can handle a ton of weight doesn’t make it right. My question to you would be which high level lifters hop back? Is it alright for Austin to do it? Where would you classify Austin in his training lifetime? When is it alright to sacrifice form over function? During competition or training? During competition, hey man whatever it takes! During training, that’s a No-Go. Like having an athlete do a burpee versus a sprawl. If you teach that kinesthetic sense and let it go, it will be harder to untrain. Have an athlete do 1000 burpees and when they hit the field they’ll do a push up when they get knocked down before they get up. Have an athlete do 1000 air squats for time and when they get under a bar with weight they’ll look like they’re having an epileptic fit.

    Lastly, if you’re post is to Austin give him something to work on. Don’t tell the athlete “hey man I know you missed that squat, press, clean, whatever, but next time when you’re at the bottom generate more power and push harder.” I’m sure he probably already knows that. Or, if you’re post is to me and critiquing my cues and what I saw wrong, know that I think safety over hitting a lift first and foremost.
    Diatribe complete . Have a great day

  20. Adamreid86

    1st day on CFFB AM progression


    Conditioning- push press @135


    Can’t wait for the membership/pay option!

    Look forward to getting bigger, faster, and stronger with all of you.


  21. PBarr

    Front Squat 7RM quick warm up and I attempted 255 and failed at rep 6.
    did a second attempt and barely got 7 at 250#

    Conditionning PP at 132.5# in 9.32. Could have gone heavier on the PP even if they were as Rxd.

  22. Shawsie

    – FS 7RM@250
    – Rx’d PP@150 in 16:02
    – took it easy today, no sleep this week

  23. Brian B

    I just listened to the most recent podcast; however, I am unable to locate the bench press material Ingo posted. Any help is appreciated.

  24. Larry O

    This was a fun day to say the least. I am enjoying the challenge this programming is giving me thus far.
    Squat 3×5 (add 5 lb to last workout) – 270#
    Bench 3×5 (add 2.5 lb to last workout) – 210#

    Conditioning: 13:59
    First 3 rounds at 150#, last 2 at 125#. dropped the weight because I noticed my form starting to slip. Decided to play it safe rather than sorry. This workout was tough regardless of the weight and now I know chin ups are something to work on.

  25. Chris NH

    @Meat I’m in a similar situation as you are. My lift #’s are fairly similar (280/360/150/190 respectively) and I am concerned that I haven’t made enough progress to switch to collegiate this summer. I’m interested to see what advice others give. I haven’t done a linear strength progression before and I’m still making gains, some slower than others. 25/5’8″/170#

  26. Murph99

    Back squat – 3 x 5 at 320lbs – felt good
    Bench press – 3 x 5 at 220lbs – felt like a struggle today; spotter help on 5th reps

    Conditioning: used 125lbs for push presses and finished in 12:11. chins were a struggle, especially in later rounds.

  27. Meat

    @Mopar FKS- 25/5’9″/175. I’ve never been on a linear progression type program before. I had one injury around the holidays (tweeked lower back) and had to take 3 weeks off from any squats/deadlifts/powercleans. I was also currently in a reset for all lifts during that time so I feel like that set me back a little further. The gains lately have still been coming but not as big or as quick as they first were. For example, I may only be able to increase my back squat weight by 5lbs total instead of 10lbs a week (same with deadlift). The presses seem to be able to go along as the program prescribes, except some weeks I can’t increase the strict press weight. As far as numbers when I first started I can only account for my 1rm-
    Squat- 265
    Press- 160
    Deadlift- 405
    Power Clean- 225
    I feel like I should be able to get more out of the Amateur. Perhaps just ride it out for a whole year then evaluate?

  28. SweMan

    7RM FS@220, only second week on college, any squat but backsquats still like odd, and plenty of room for improvment regarding form…
    DWOD: Rx´d@150 in 13:53

  29. Ian M

    I’m back after a few months on Texas Method. I love the new site BTW.

    Strength: FS 7RM 275#, (32#PR), went for 8 and lost it at the bottom.
    DWOD: Untimed, probably about 12-14 mins, 155#
    Secret Swole: Decline Bench Rest Pause 245# 12,4,3

  30. charlie

    ASWOD. Squat 3×5 at 300. Felt good actually, thought about resetting the other week but the past two weeks “conditioning wods” at almost 285 helped me out I think

    Bench. Went up to 260 1st got 5, 2nd and 3rd got 4. Going to stay here next week.

    DWOD. PP @ 155 time 11:52

    M / 27/ 6’2″ / 214

  31. Officer Jaybear

    Meat, eat eat eat. I was on amateur for almost two years, went to collegiate, and actually came back to amateur because i have more to gain. Any time i get stuck, i further dial in my diet and i can blow through a plateau. The body needs fuel

  32. Slager


    I didn’t mean to ruffle your feathers, I just thought it was an interesting internet battle. We’re on the same page about athletic positioning, safety and transferability to the field. But, if an athlete has poor wrist mobility, he or she should not be catching a clean at all. Also, I doubt anyone would attempt to act as the hammer and end up jumping backwards.

    I was suggesting more hip and knee drive because his knees stayed bent for both reps and I think sometimes athletes get too caught up in the details and forget that the power clean is all about being explosive. Obviously, this comes with a caveat; if the athlete is throwing his head backwards or generally has awful posture, the explosion won’t transfer to the field. I did not see any egregious positioning errors in Austin’s video except that his head could have been neutral. In his case, I think it is safe to say that the benefits from more power production would outweigh the potential negatives because his positioning seems solid in the video. Also, I was not just saying “be stronger to make the lift”. A lot of athletes that I work with initially don’t know to extend both the knees and hips and are not aware that they must in the olympic lifts. For example, I trained an athlete that could initially HPC 225 but did not explode at all. He also squatted around 350 when came to work with me but clearly knew he had to exert a lot of force to move the weight.

    But again, what is the athlete training for? Oly coaches would say that looking up is preferable. Also, I used the example of high level weightlifters to show that jumping backwards does not have an effect on the overall power production. Their job is to lift weights and if they could lift more by not jumping backwards, they would fix the error.

    Overall, I don’t think there is a winner or loser in this argument– all of the suggestions would help.

  33. Hirst

    Front Squat 7RM: 255# (down 20#)
    DWOD: Did Strict Press @135# and Strict Chin-ups 18:36

  34. Michael

    Felt a little heavy on squats today, core was a little tired from doing snatches last night.

    Back squat 3×5 @ 230#
    Bench press 3×5 @ 195#

    PP @ 111#
    Chin-ups @ bodyweight

    PP were no problem at all for me, Chin ups is where i lost a lot of time.

  35. Ranger Keith

    M / 6’3 / 220#

    So my rest day yesterday turned into a 13 mile hike with a chainsaw, gas, food, water, a full duty belt, etc., plus a ton of trail work. I hope y’all’s was relaxing. Lots of chicken, broccoli, and sleep helped me push through today.

    Squat: 3 x 5 x 285#
    – While not significant compared to many of you, this is an exciting milestone for me. This marks a 100# increase in my working squat weight after losing a rugby scholarship to a torn MCL and totally giving up on lifting weights and whatnot for a long time. Soooo much rehab work has gone into it.
    Weighted Dips (I know, I know, but I currently have to sub these for BP because I haven’t built a bench yet. I live a very long way from the nearest gym): 3 x 5 x 45#

    115# for PP. Still learning this movement. Focused on form, Moved to assisted chins after round 2. 15:15.

    Sorry for the long post. Watching all of you progress has really helped me so I decided weigh in as well.

  36. Ingo B

    Brian B – the links referenced in the podcast were for Press (vertical) issues. Scroll down and look for my name:

    PAHQ did a video on bench press set up. Search YouTube for “Power Athlete Bench Press”. Watch the one with Ben and Luke, not someone else’s showoff footage. If you can’t find it, try “Crossfit Football Bench Press”. It’s about 2 years old, right before Luke’s hair clippers broke.

    Meat – while the transition is never a numbers game, your lift results (squat especially) suggest a possible technique or form issue. I say find a coach before moving on.

  37. drk

    Front Squat 7RM – got 6 reps at 95kg, lost the last at bottom…

    As rxed, with 62,5kg Push Press in 10:25

  38. John R

    Day 3 CFFB

    Squat 3×5(205)
    Bench 3×5(135)

    PP @ 105lb(Based this on my 115lb from Monday. All PP were done unbroken. Wasn’t to light just refused to set the bar down)
    Chinups(Gray Assistance Band Used. These freaking sucked and were really slow.)

    Time: 10:31

  39. dredlocked

    Thanks for the deadlift suggestions yesterday, and video today. Will start working on some of those cues/movement patterns in warmups and during next Tuesdays deads. Might have some squat video from today to post as well, so appreciate in advance any constructive feedback.

  40. Mario

    frontsquats 7RM – 70kg – 75×3 – then I had nothing left, was mental!

    WOD: 12:47 with 40kg and all strict chinups

    great WOD, biggest biceps I ever had!

  41. Nabel

    Hello All,

    I’ve been doing amateur CFFB for about 2 months now and I absolutely love it. It complements my MMA training well and I already feel stronger and more explosive.

    Here are my numbers for today:
    Back Squat 3×5 – 200lb
    Bench press 3×5 – 145lb
    CSWOD as rx’d – 11 minutes @ 90lb push press

    I have a question for whoever can help me out. I’ve been getting frustrated with certain lifts and have had to reset recently as my numbers weren’t going up. Firstly, here are my numbers:
    Squat – 5x200lb
    Deadlift – 5x305lb
    Bench press – 5x145lb
    Power clean – 3×137.5lb
    Press – 5x100lb

    What’s bothering me is that I am constantly seeing gains in my deadlift, but seeing close to no gains on my press and bench press and slower gains on my squat and power clean. Is this normal? What would you guys do in this situation? I eat really well (paleo with starchy carbs pre and post workout) and never miss a day of training. It’s my presses that are bothering me the most. I had to reset my squat recently as well because I couldn’t go up in weight (dropped from 215lb to 200lb).

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

  42. rick g

    meat: +1 on what ingo said. given your size and numbers and the fact that you’re talking about failing specific lifts rather than failing at recovery (always feeling like you’ve just been in a car crash), I think you might have a form issue. In my opinion, your press is solid for BW of 175 and PC is pretty good too. I think you should get someone with some game to look at your squat.

  43. Bakari


    Front Squat – 7RM – 240lb

    DWOD – 13:05 @ 145lb PP

    STarted to kip as I got fatigued, need to work on staying strict.

  44. Meat

    Ingo and Rick G- appreciate the feedback. I’ve had some technique issues in the past and seems like I def need to go back and reevaluate.

  45. Nick J

    I started the amateur progression in July. This past week and a half I have failed every strength progression. I haven’t had to reset every lift more than once, this was my only my second fail on bench, but I am thinking it may be time to move to collegiate. Thoughts??

  46. Homeschool

    SWOD: 7RM @ 185#
    DWOD: PP @ 120# with 50# bands rnds 3-5 for a time of 20 mins flat.

    Nothing stellar, but working hard at getting there.

  47. Paula

    Front Squat 7RM 110#

    Sad 22:17 55# pp which was easy but 75 strict chins slowed me waaaaay down. 3 rds would have been perfect. Just didn’t have it today. I am still feeling my hamstrings from Monday.

    @Comet Nice! I would be bragging.

  48. Gavin

    Wow, lots of questions. First, it’s easier to see gains in certain lifts vs others. There’s a reason we add 10# to DL but only 2.5 to bench or power clean. Reset, eat, sleep. When you’ve dialed in diet and sleep AND are resetting at the same time across multiple lifts, probably time to move to collegiate.

    Second, try running collegiate for a while and then go back to amateur. It’s not written anywhere, but lots of guys have written that they’ve done it and had success (see Officer Jaybear above). No mistake, amateur is HARD. Collegiate may be an extended deload without losing muscle mass.

  49. Twisner

    7 RM Front squat – # 250
    16:46. #165 push press
    A little slow but did do push presses and chin-ups unbroken.

  50. HereForTheBooze

    Florida’s weather has been on and off more than kaepernick’s passing game. Ended up catching a cold.

    Front squat 275×7

    Walked through it, 160# push press, strict chin ups.
    About 26 minutes.

  51. Gene D

    Some people were talking about how to calculate your RMs…
    A formula that a friend gave me awhile back that seems pretty close is: weight*reps*.0333+weight=1RM=weight*reps*.0333+weight. It helps to know your 1RM but it’s not totally necessary. You can still calculate your 5RM from your 3RM. I’ve found that this formula really works for the lower reps. Using it for anything above 10RM can get misleading.

  52. Gavin

    Strength: squat 3×5 @ 165# (+5). Floor press 3×5 @ 172# (+2.5).
    Conditioning: 13:17 with 115#. Round of 7 chin-ups crushed me. Everything else was quick.

  53. Mex

    Strength: Front Squat 7RM: 275# (PR)

    Conditioning: 150# PP, 14:39.

    Great pic Rebecca

  54. TLAG

    Front Squat 7RM @ 245#

    DWOD – Scaled
    Push Press @ 115# (should have been 135#)
    Time: 16m54s

    Really cold again in the garage, was hard to get moving and keep warm in there.

  55. Kelly Gage

    FS 7RM: 155

    Push Press 107.5.
    Chins w bands

  56. Cas Par

    7RM Front Squat 65kg PR – 67,5kg F only 5reps

    Used 40kf fr the push presses, turned out to be fairly light.
    Time: 17.02 minutes

  57. DJ^Ric 29/m/CT/5'11/180


    Front squat 7 RM @ 225 lbs smith machine (globo)
    7 RM Plate-loaded Squat Press @ 410 lbs

    DWOD: Complete 5 rounds for time

    5 push press @ 65 lbs DB each hand
    3 chin-ups
    3 push press @ 65 lbs DB each hand
    5 chin-ups
    1 push press @ 65 lbs DB each hand
    7 chin-ups


  58. Larry Stevens

    F-squat: 185 7RM

    PP 105
    19:22 it was an azz kicker

  59. SteveB

    Now I’m not one for customising a perscripted routine but would there be any major issues to programming if I subbed Back Squat for overhead squat?
    My back squat is pretty good for my age/weight/height (157.5kg before reset) and i have a seriously tough time on a 5 rep linear progression. especially now im on a ‘diet’. I Recently reset it again but I feel I need a new movement to progress one a reaaaally want this to be in my routine.

  60. bugs

    Man LM sore already.
    Squats 3×5 at 270lb
    Bench 3×5 at 255 failed at 260 after 3 reps.
    Used 185lb first 2 RDS then had to drop to 155lb for a time of 11:50.

  61. Clint

    Vid of me squatting before Monday’s workout – a single in prep for the onslaught. Please excuse the spare tire.
    I think my torso is tilted forward as I reach the bottom. It doesn’t feel like it translates to me being on my toes. My wife also said I don’t usually lean forward like that. I’m not sure if it’s a perception or if I am doing something obviously wrong. I’m thinking maybe I’m sneaking the bar down my back as the weight gets heavier. So have to lean forward. (will tinker with that this afternoon).

    Any thoughts/comments ?

    (I don’t usually take 7 steps back and teeter tooter before lifting. That was me working harder, not smarter. I was getting in position for the camera. There was also someone starting to fuck around with an ab mat or something off to the side too).

  62. Chris Dunbar

    Squat 290lb for 3 x 5
    Incline Bench 185lb for 3 x 5, felt heavier than last week.

    Conditioning – Used 125lb for push press and chin-ups were kipping.
    Probably could have gone heavier, but my last 5 rep press was 140lbs and it was very tough.
    nice workout though

  63. Nate


    You’re too fucking small. If you want to get stronger, eat more. Problem solved.

  64. Big Ern McCracken

    FS 7rm – 245
    Barbell Curls – 6@95, 2×6@105, 4@115
    DB Hammer Curls – 4×6 @ 40

    As rx’d w/ 150lbs in 11’16”

  65. BWengs

    Pretty damn cold in the garage today.

    CSWOD – FS 7RM – 285

    DWOD – Rx’d @ 145 in 13:18

  66. TRuss

    Lots of good stuff today. Questions all over the place.

    Nabel- see all the responses to Meat’s questions. Same apply to you, including the “eat” response from Nate (applies to me too). Pressing comes slower than other lifts. Stick with it. If you incorporate CFFB with your MMA, when do you rest? What part of CFFB do you cut out to accommodate the MMA?

    Clint- c’mon bro. We need to see more than one rep. Give us a good set of 5 (or at least 3) to look at and skip the teeter tootering around.

  67. Bloodylyons

    Bench 3×5 @ 81kg
    Squat 3×5 @ 122.5kg

    Time was 13:25.
    Push presses at 50kg
    Chin ups were strict on the 3’s. Kipped every now and again for some of the 5’s and 7’s

  68. DavidMcK

    Strength: FS 3rm @285. uuuuuuugly. Hit 275#, thought of Mopar and went for 285#, thanks man.
    Conditioning: 15 min. @155#
    arms are jelly.

  69. IX FKS

    FS 7RM – 265# actually felt really good

    as rxed with 150 for 12 min even i think it was

  70. Griff

    CSWOD: FS 7RM – 295 LB.

    DWOD: 21:15. Ugly. About two strict chins. Turned to jumping chins real quick. I’m just too heavy for chins.

  71. IH09

    ASWOD: back was fried so did some mobility and light squatting. I’m going to reset and make sure I have good form going up again.
    Bench: 3X5 @ 250

    DWOD: PP @ 135, around 17 I think. Very slow today. I’m blaming it on….I got nothing.

  72. Caine

    squat 3×5 at 280#
    bench 3×5 at 210#

    15:45 at 140#. Barbell cleaned from ground.

  73. dredlocked

    – Squat: 3×5@310#; belted; low back was a little beat up, will post video for feedback
    – Bench: 3×5@210#; first set felt heavy but last two were good

    – 11:43
    – Push press @130# (based off 145# press 5RM); pullups kipped but the bar is super thick and my grip got shot by round 2, Tueaday’s WOD didn’t help
    – all PP sets unbroken

    Lat pulldown: 3×12@100#

    Move the Dirt.

  74. beck

    ASWOD – Squat 325#, Bench 245#
    DWOD – 16:18 185# should have been the starting weight, backed it down to 165# X 3 rnds, 155# X 2 rnds. Left shoulder has torn labrum and rotator cuff….. some days are good some days are bad.

  75. Katrina

    SWOD: 1×7 FS @ 125
    CWOD: chin ups with 2nd thinnest band and 70 lb push press in 20ish minutes (there was competition for the chin up bar).

  76. Drew

    Front squat 255×7 probably a PR? Can’t remember going for a 7rm before.
    Dwod: 9:24 @ 125lb. Press weight probably off due to an off workout on Monday.

    Some of my stats are still going up despite my BW and body fat going down over the last few weeks. Not sure why, but I’ll take it

  77. Tony


    7RM Front Squat – 295 for 6.75 reps


    14:15 at 135 pounds

  78. Meat

    3×5 Squat- 250
    3×5 Bench- 225

    Rx’d 12:00 with 140 Push Press
    Chinups got really hard

  79. Brett_nyc

    Front Squat: 315×5, ties 5rm PR. Thought I had 7 but my front rack broke down

    DWOD: 21:40 @ 225 Mostly push jerks after the second round. I should have taken some weight off, but, fuck that.

  80. Clint

    @Truss. yea, that capture was just on a whim. Figured I’d throw it up. Was planning to capture today’s squats, but forgot ipad. Would have been interesting for sure. Next week when they’re really ugly.

    Squat 3×5 @142kg. Getting tough. Reps 4 & 5 in last 2 sets were brutal.
    Bench 3×5 @101kg. Needed spot on 5th reps in sets 2+3. Will repeat next week.

    DWOD. Used 145#. Only got through 4 rounds as gym was closing. Can’t say I was disappointed. Was miserable.Time was probably 20 minutes to there (clock got turned off). It wasn’t fast. Really struggled on sets of 5 and 7 chin ups. The insides of my elbows and lower biceps are smoked.

  81. leftofcenter

    Front Squat 7RM – 265


    Complete 5 rounds for time: 11:50

    Push Press @150 – 5 reps
    Chin Ups – 3 reps
    Push Press @159 – 3 reps
    Chin Ups – 5 reps
    Push Press @150 – 1 rep
    Chin Ups – 7 reps

  82. Jeremy S


    7RM Front Squat – 230# easily. 253×5.


    11:35 – 110# push press.
    First round was strict chin ups. Switched to kipping for the rest.

  83. jstein

    aswod: back squat 3×5@76kg, bench 3×5@41kg

    dwod: push presses @35kg

  84. Nabel

    @TRuss: thanks for the response. I do the daily training prescribed by CFFB in the mornings around 7am then do my MMA training in the evening around 7pm for a couple of hours. Sunday is the day I take completely off.

  85. Tanner

    Squat 245Lbs 5,5,8
    Bench 235Lbs 5,5,6
    PP 145Lbs rx’d 8:30 Good DWOD!

  86. The Moose

    Finally got to this one on Friday afternoon.
    FS 7rm @ 315
    DWOD: 17:13 @ 180. Dang that felt really slow, and sucked really bad.

  87. JP

    Bench 3×5 185#
    (Not enough time for squats)
    As Rx 12 min 110# PP and strict chin ups

  88. BD

    One day off this week…and always one week overall behind in the program

    Squat – 3×5@ 330
    Bench – 3X5 @ 245
    As Rx’d 18:25 (Push Press @ 165)…Really dragged

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