January 2014



Deadlift 5 RM (add 10 lb to last workout)

Hang Power Clean 2 RM

Starr Shrugs 3 x 15


Complete 3 rounds:

1 Muscle Clean to Push Press…2 Muscle Cleans to 2 Push Presses…3 Muscle Cleans to 3 Push Presses and so on until you can not complete the progression.  Once you fail, rest 3-4 minutes, decide if you went too heavy or too light, adjust the weight if need be and try to beat your previous rounds.

*Each muscle clean must start on the ground.

Video of muscle clean

Post best round, reps completed and loads used to comments.

127 Responses to “2014-01-21 Training”

  1. Gavin

    This one conditioning looks brutal also.

    @HQ, I’ve never seen so many people complain about a workout as we did in the last thread. That means you nailed it. Great programming!

  2. Gavin

    2k row in 8:15. Trying to work a some additional aerobic for the Open. I’m chomping at the bit to pay for some Power Athlete programming that incorporates additional conditioning. Latest podcast got me excited.

  3. Clint

    Link is to a 2 position Muscle Clean. Should we be doing that ?
    MC from ground, then from hang, then PP.
    2 MC from ground + hang. Then 2 PP.

    If I just read the description, I’d have understood it to be only a single MC from the ground. No hang.
    1 MC, then PP.
    2 MC, then 2 PP.

  4. chris dunbar

    Looks like a tough one. Don’t even know where to start with the weight!!

  5. Ronnie P.

    Is this an every minute on the minute type workout or should the progression be one continuous movement with no rest until failure?

  6. Nate K

    80 kg – second one was a touch low

    Used 40kg across
    15,20,15 reps
    Was hard not to use hips, felt it happening more as I got tired. Got the shoulders burning though

  7. Michael

    I don’t understand it. So say when you get to 3 reps, do I do 3 muscle cleans and then 3 push presses?

  8. Clint

    I understand that. However, a 2position muscle clean will also start from ground. See video. That is what I am trying to determine.
    A single muscle clean. As-in pull from the ground and no dip back under bar.
    As above, but add a hang clean to it.

    Fuck it. I’m doing 1 position muscle cleans anyway.

  9. Josh

    I was absolutely lost in what way they want to do the conditioning. Was it say 3 muscle cleans then 3 push presses or do a muscle clean then a push press but for a count of three. Lol

  10. Jon Gage

    Deadlift 5 RM (325#…pr every week…but this one didn’t feel nearly as easy as 315#)

    I did all MCs then all PPs, like it says, 1MC/1PP, 2MC/2PP, 3MC/3PP etc… with about 30sec rest between sets and 3-4 min between rounds.

    8@95#, 5@115#, 5@135#

  11. SteveB

    Deadlift new 5RM @ 155kg

    Metcon- bit of confusion and ended doing muscle cleans from a hang position after the first rep. But still 1-1 2-2 etc


  12. John R

    Day 2 of CFFB
    Strength 325
    Conditioing(4 min rest between rounds)
    Round 1
    95 lb(Completed up to 5 for both)
    Round 2
    115 lb(Completed 4 clean, 1 press)
    Round 3
    115 lb(Completed 4 clean, 3 press)

  13. SteveB

    Just read how it’s supposed to start from floor every rep. Damn I need to start reading these in more detail but at 7:00am it’s hard haha

  14. Ax

    Jeeeeeez, this one skiing weekend of heavy drinking in the Alps put me way back!

    SWOD: deadlift at 110kg, which is 5kg less than last week.

    DWOD: 40kg, which is 1/2 BW
    1st: 5rds
    2nd: 5rds
    3rd: 6rds

    Time to rest tomorrow, to start fresh on Thursday

  15. Murph99

    SWOD: deadlift 390lbs x 5

    Contitioning: 95lbs x 10 rounds and stopped. Ran out of time there; should have gone heavier.

  16. T. Ryan

    Is there any reason Squats are better than deadlifts?*

    I was unable to do yesterday’s workout, should I skip pulls today to make up the squats or just jump back in the program?


    *better as in, achieving the goals of the CFFB training better.

  17. Mario

    @T.Ryan: one missed training won’t mess up anything. live your life and train as you can, unless you are a professional athlete. as for the exercises: both are important!

  18. SweMan

    HPC 2RM@180, got a little bit to motivated and went for 190, but failed on the second rep.

    DWOD as RX´d, each muscle clean from the floor: so last reps on first round was 6 mc:s and after that 6 pp:s.

    1.@110 6 rounds
    2.@135 5 rounds
    3.@155 3 rounds

  19. Hirst

    Starr Shrugs – 95,125,135 (first shrugs since 97 baby!) kept it light really tried to work hip explosion/power shrug

    Titty Pumps from yesterday: 100,100,100 used 30″ because I’m short. Probably could’ve kept going but 100 sounded like a good place to stop.

    DWOD: will be this afternoon.

  20. PBarr

    Hang power clean 2rm 210#

    Conditionning 95# 6 rounds, 105# 5 rounds, 125#, 4 rounds. No bar drop and continuous movement as much as I could (limited rest before the push press)

  21. Shawsie

    – HPC 2RM@215.
    – 4 rounds + 1 MC@135
    – 3@155
    – 2@165
    – Hips really tight/tired this morning. Didn’t have much gas.

  22. Michael

    315lbsx5. Never did that much before but haven’t deadlifted in a while. Hips and back were good but need to work on grip strength.

    40kg for all rounds. 5, 4, 3 reps

  23. charlie

    Aswod 5rm failed @ 4 x 410

    Dwod 1st 135x 6 rounds 2nd 135x 6 cleans / 5 pp 3rd 135x 4

  24. Larry O

    Deadlift 5 RM – 440#, only went up 5# because struggled on last 2 reps last week. This week all 5 lifts went up like it was nothing. I guess thats what happens when you actually get a good night of sleep before lifting.

    Conditioning: 3 rounds @135#, finished 7sets, 6 sets, 5 set, rested 3-4 minutes between sets. Did all muscle cleans first and then all push press. Only rest in sets was on last rep so I could so I could make sure I got the right grip for the push press. This was a challenge, but enjoyable. Can’t wait to see whats in store for the rest of the week.

  25. The Moose

    This is my first time posting on the new site. Last few weeks have been crazy with being on vacation from school. Finally getting back to normal routine. Do have to say I love the new site.
    Mondays workout- Day behind
    Conditioning- Squats at 335 and alternated between sprints and bike
    Strength- Press 5rm @ 200; 1xMR at 160= 10 reps
    Pushups- 50, 42,42

  26. John F


    185 2RM

    New gym without bumpers. Still scared to drop the weight.


    95lbs and completed 4 rounds each time. Wasnt sure if I was supposed to put the bar down between sets so I held it the whole time. Forearms were burning by the 4th round of the set.

    27 y/o male 185lbs (Whatever happened to posting weight and age??)

  27. Jared M

    @Bulldozer, got Yoda

    @Ingo “the future is now” , both awesome and true

  28. MattB

    In summary….
    Rep 1/1 -that’s easy as piss!
    Rep 2/2 -yep still easy.
    Rep 3/3 -not that bad.
    Rep 4/4 -oh, hello…
    Rep 5/5 -ouch!
    Rep 6/6 -GAAAAAAHHHHH!
    Rest and welcome forearms to painsville.

  29. TRuss

    John F- age and weight went the way of Kyle McD. Feel free to post if you are looking for a special friend.

    Questions about the conditioning: 1 position muscle cleans (meaning all taken from the ground); after 1 clean, do 1 push press; then perform 2 cleans (each from the ground) and then 2 push presses; increase reps until you can’t go any longer; no significant “rest” once you start a round.

    All that said, this guy had no pop after yesterday. Back kept cramping in different places every time I moved.

    HPC: 2 RM @ 145
    Cond: used 115 for all 3 rounds; 4 MC+4 PP each round and called it good.

    Felt old today.

  30. Ranger KeithP

    Deadlift 5RM: 375#

    Just lost my muscle clean virginity. 1MC to 1 PP, 2MC to 2PP, and so on until failure with no rest.

    95#, 115#, 115# for 4, 4, 5

  31. IX FKS

    HPC – 2RM 195#

    round 1 – 115 through 4 rounds
    round 2 – 135 through 4 rounds
    Round 3 – 155 through 3 rounds although I should have kept going through 4.

    Took it way to easy this morning.

  32. Denny K

    CFFB Nation- We will be discussing some ideas to prepare for the Open on the next PA Radio episode. Submit your questions to PAHQ ASAP if you want the coaches to answer anything specific.

    Don’t wait until tomorrow…

    “People who wait until tomorrow never get shit done, start today…” -John Welbourn

  33. igor

    Have a vanity question: Does anyone have a short arm routine for post WOD? Suns out guns out and need to be jacked and tan for spring. Allow the verbal abuse to ensue…

  34. Salem H

    2RM HPC – 195#, tried 205# but only got 1 rep.

    Round 1: 4 rounds @ 125#
    Round 2: 5 rounds @ 110#
    Round 3: 5 rounds @ 95#
    Rest during rounds only taken in rack position. Killed the forearms more than anything.

  35. Mario

    oh man, shoulders are completely done. legs feel a little weak from yesterday, but I like it!

    hang power clean 2RM – 70kg PR

    round 1 – 6 rounds 30kg
    round 2 – 4 rounds 40kg
    round 3 – 4 rounds 40kg

    rest between rounds 4-5 minutes, no rest during work.

  36. Tanner

    @igor-I’m on week 3 of crossfit football coming from traditional push/pull routines…what I’ve done for the biceps, we seem to get plenty of tricep work with the presses is on the day before a rest day after the WOD, I’ll do a couple max sets of L chinups, when it makes sense. Works the guns great and the abs, I might superset them with some curls after some time, but I need to get the body caught up with this routine before adding more volume, even it is only isolation exercises.

  37. Tanner

    By the way, in my mind, today it makes sense to do it with the last two days of work that’s been rx’d. If anybody thinks I may be screwing up by doing this, by all means straighten me out. Thanks!

  38. Sheet


    Round 1: 1 PP short of 4 rounds.
    Round 2: 4 rounds + 1 PP
    Round 3: 4 rounds even
    …. dead

  39. Cody

    Does someone have a video of these shrugs? Just trying to figure out what the difference between these shrugs and a clean pull from boxes is.

  40. Matt

    Had minor knee aches for a week plus. Want to play it safe and not mess anything up seriously (I don’t risk it with knees). Really wanting to get out there though.

    I’ve been resting, icing, and taking ibuprofen. Think it was from really heavy squats that resulted in a needed reset. From experience, do you guys have suggestions or similar experiences, where you ultimately rested and game back stronger? Just need some encouragement.

  41. IH09

    @ TRuss – I felt old today too. These squat workouts have worn me down.

    ASWOD: DL 5RM @ 470 FAILED on 4th rep. Tried to reset for the fourth and I had nothing left once fixing my grip. and 465 was easy last week.

    DWOD: 1) 115lb @ 4 rounds 2) 115 lbs @ 4 rounds 3) 135 lbs @ 4 rounds

    Back is fried. I believe form work and mobility will be a key topic for a while.

  42. Jon

    For those confused this stuff is touch and go.

    It should look like:
    1 MC + 1 PP = 1 rep, drop, then reset quickly…
    Again…1MC+1PP= 1 rep, touch and go (do not drop or release) then repeat the sequence, that’s 2 reps. Then drop and reset quickly.
    Then proceed to repeat through 3 reps, touch and go…
    then 4, then 5, and so on until you are gassed. Then take 3-4 minutes to recover and proceed to next overall round.
    If you’re getting up near 10 touch and go reps at the end of a round, you probably went too light. If it’s only 2 or 3 you probably went too heavy.

    6 reps at the end of a round would be 21 overall touch and go reps in fairly rapid succession with only slight breaks to reset. You’ll be gassed seeing as this is a head to toe burner.

  43. DJ^Ric

    Unless that’s “Jon” (John) Welbourn, I am going to STRONGLY disagree with you on that. The way you describe the workout basically says do as many muscle clean to push press as you can to failure.

    I think the workout is written fine as is, whatever round you are in…do that many muscle cleans to start the round and then that many PP to finish the round. 4 muscle cleans then 4 push presses. Not 1 muscle clean then 1 push press x 4.

  44. HereForTheBooze

    Got up to 225 and globo came over and started talking about hiring some CrossFit trainers for some super gym idea. Pissed I didn’t get higher.

    135 pounds, 4th round completed
    155#, 3 rounds + 1 MC
    155#, 4 rounds (rough)

    Finished with Bulgarian SS couple sets of 10.


  45. Dave the Bull

    @Pep: My girlfriend did CrossFit through the 8th month of her pregnancy. There are some good general tips on CrossFit Mom: http://crossfitmom.com which she followed more or less. Here’s a general break down of what she cut out:

    – Sit-ups
    – Toes to Bar
    – Knees to Elbow
    – Box Jumps

    Things that had to be cut out as her belly got larger:

    – Power Cleans & Snatches — too difficult and dangerous to swing the bar around the belly
    – Push-ups
    – Burpees
    – Kettlebell swings (she switched first to one-arm swings before phasing out completely)

    Finally, things that didn’t get cut out:

    – Deadlift
    – Shoulder Press
    – Bench Press
    – Back Squat* (This got cut out late late late in the pregnancy. She also started to use a med-ball to stop her just below parallel later on.)
    – Lunges
    – Step-ups
    – Pull-ups

    This list isn’t exhaustive, and I am not a doctor. I recommend CrossFit Mom as well as some really good articles on the CrossFit Journal (subscription required). She PR’d all of her major barbell lifts while pregnant.

  46. Austin


    Started to experience left knee pain in nov after heaving squatting. First it was just the day after, then it never went away. Got worried and took a week completely off during Christmas. Got a massage beatdown and the therapist completely opened up my hips. The tightness was causing my knee to cave in ever so slightly- enough that it was causing shearing on heavy squats. Point being- probably something wrong with your form. Figure out why and fix it.

  47. Dave the Bull

    Also, our little girl Audrey is big and strong. She drags 70 lb. kettle bells across the house.

  48. Dave the Bull

    @PAHQ: Any chance of getting the July & August 2013 workouts & comments up? Thanks!

  49. Luke Summers

    @Dave, Yes… Eventually. Unfortunately it’s low on the list right now. Thanks for the patience

  50. bugs

    Did this . Loved it.I got 270×4 and failed. But still a personal best on dead lift.used 135lb on conditioning.
    Rd 1 4cleans 4 press
    Rd 2 3 cleans 3 press
    Rd 3 3 cleans 3 press.
    Very excited about this program.

  51. DavidMcK

    It seems pretty self explanatory to me… 1 clean and 1 push press is one rep… First line. Do that twice for two reps, do that ( 1 mc, 1pp) 3 times for three reps…

  52. DavidMcK

    Of course now that I read it again I’m seeing how it could be interpreted that way. I suppose I’ll try it both ways, see which is more difficult and go with that.

  53. TLAG

    HPC 2RM – 205#

    1. 4 rounds @ 115
    2. 4 rounds @ 125
    3. 3 rounds + 2 MC @ 135

    Bitterly cold out there today, -24F with the wind, could only get the garage up to just above freezing.

  54. Jordan


    3 x 15 @ 315

    4 @ 135
    3 @ 135 + 4MC & 3 PP (just missed one press!)
    3 @ 135 + 1MC

  55. Ingo B

    Dave The Bull – your daughter is stronger than 80% of the dudes who “work out” at the gym.

    DWOD – it’s MC/PP: 1/1, 2/2, 3/3…not AMRAP 1x MC>PP, 1x MC>PP….

    Hardest part is keeping count and resisting the urge to go from MC to PP too early. I did that a few times before and basically had to start all over.

  56. Mex

    Strength: HPC 2RM: 215#

    Conditioning: 135#-7+11/155#-5+8/165#-3+2

    Ingo, I would do a MC, then put it down forgetting to press on rep 1. Maddening.

  57. Big Ern McCracken

    Starr Shruggs 3×15 @ 225lb
    DE Bench 10×2 @ 205 w/ Green Bands, 30″ rest
    Bench 1×12 @ 205

    All 3 rds w/ 135: 5,5,4

  58. Tanner


    Conditioning-135lbs-I think this would’ve been the best with a partner, you do one, they do one, you do two, they do two…perfect rest time

    1x4rnds, quick regrip after each round
    1x4rnds +4, no regrip, so straight set of 14
    1x6rnds, 20-30 sec rest after each round

    2×12 of L chins

  59. Tanner

    deads were 345lb not 245lb-still a bit shakey from those fricking muscle cleans and push presses!

  60. Jon


    Not Jo(h)n Welbourn. Just Jon. I’m just going by what is clearly explained in the details. Muscle Clean TO Push Press. Not muscle clean all you can, then push press. It’s a compound movement not different from certain barbell complexes and I’ve seen it rx’d on SEALFit like this before.

  61. Jon

    Truth be told, you could do it either way. And I’ve tried both. Doing them coming back down after every MC gasses you more though. Either way it’s a good combo.

    315# DL 5RM, up 5lbs.

    with 135#
    1: 5 rounds
    2: 4 rounds + 2 reps
    3: 4 rounds.

  62. Twisner

    2RM Hang Clean – 215 ( felt sluggish today)
    Round 1 – #115 hit 5
    Round 2 – #135 hit 5
    Round 3 – # 155 hit 4

  63. DJ^Ric

    I’ll agree it’s probably a great workout either way, I’m just saying….replace the word “to” with the word “then” in the workout description and there shouldn’t be any confusion.

    While we’ve done this workout before and it’s a good one, I’m loving the new programming recently, 2014 is already the best year of CFFB yet. I think the additional hypertrophy stuff you guys (and gal) talked about adding have been a success already.

    @TRuss ha! Kyle McD, the name said it all really…that’s a throwback right there

  64. Dave the Bull

    @Igor: I occasionally do curls on Saturdays if my arms aren’t too sore from the prior week. I usually do:

    4×20 DB curls
    4×20 Hammer Curls

    I sometimes bang out a few sets of Kroc rows as well.

  65. Bloodylyons

    Deadlift 5RM at 160kg

    5 @ 40kg
    5 @ 45kg
    5 @ 50kg

    Not sleeping well at the moment, deadlifts were ok but conditioning wasn’t great.

  66. John_C

    Good day
    Hang Pwr Clean 2rm@135kg.Pr.
    got 140 but missed 2nd rep twice.pr also.
    Couldnt help myself and had a play with the shrugs got a couple sets of 10 out at 140kgs but pretty fried after…
    Cond…Grossly underestimated…
    Got 1st set only finished up to rd 3 at 70kg.
    2more’s sets at 60kg finished round 4 both.
    Really tough…was easy then had nothin really quick. loving it though…

  67. Cas Par

    HPC 2RM: 70kg PR, 71kg PR

    4 rounds
    5 rounds
    5 rounds + 2 reps

  68. Tony Fu

    Hang Power Clean 2RM @245#

    All at 95#
    RD 1: 4rds
    RD 2: 4MC + 1PP
    RD 3: 5MC

    RDS 1 & 2 hands never left the bar and my forearms were on fire, def. the limiting factor weight was light. RD 3 dropped bar after each rep still only got to the 5 rep before my forearms stopped. Maybe I’ll just do some aux work of forearm curls.

  69. DJ^Ric 29/m/CT/5'11/180

    5 min warmup
    5 min stretch
    5 min Abs – 20, 15, 10, 5 reps

    CSWOD: Hang Power Clean 2 RM @ 155, 175, 195 lbs

    DWOD: Complete 3 rounds…

    1 Muscle Clean to Push Press…2 Muscle Cleans to 2 Push Presses…so on until failure. Rest 3-4 minutes. Decide if you went too heavy or too light, adjust weight as needed. Each muscle clean must start on the ground.

    105 lbs – 6 rounds + 1 MC
    115 lbs – 5 MC + 2 PP (wrist was in a shit/pain position for PP, had the strength for more)
    115 lbs – 4 rounds + 2 MC

    Grip strength was SHOT, couldn’t have lifted one more rep if I wanted to.

  70. drk

    Hang Power Clean 2RM – 95kg

    1. 4 rounds – 60kg
    2. 3 rounds + 4 MC – 70kg
    3. 1 round + 2 MC – 80kg
    The push press killed me!

    Did a Set with 60kg again for 4 rounds

  71. V2J

    question for PAHQ or seasoned power athlete…on the 2RM is it acceptable to drop the bar and quickly reset or should we be banging out the 2RM without dropping the bar? Rarely post but love the FREE programming, FREE site, and FREE comedy in the comments…
    SEMPER FI….”lead..follow..or get the hell outta the way”

  72. DavidMcK

    Hang clean 2rm @ 272#, missed 282, on the second rep twice, couldnt stand up with it, to far forward. Did HPC up to 245#

    1-115# for 6
    2-135# for 5
    3-145# for 4

  73. Christopher Bates

    ASWOD: DL@185# easy but easing back in
    ADWOD: 95# – 3, 4+3mc’s, 5+1mc, not so easy, dropped the bar between sets, next time hold on

  74. Jesse

    SWOD: HPC 2RM@ 265#

    DWOD: 5MC+5PP @135# for each of the 3 rounds
    Mentally, SO far gone… Not that my totals were necesarrily disappointing though.

  75. ccmastin

    Hang clean 2rm 235, 230 was 1rm on 1/4. Happy about that one.

    Conditioning 5@135, 3@155, 3+1 mc @155.

    No rest between reps, never let go of bar just cruised on…wind was one of the worst parts about this one. Love this one every time it comes up.

  76. Jeremy S


    2RM HPC – 205#


    115# – 5 + 3
    120# – 4 + 3
    115# – 4 + 3

  77. John

    I have never done these before so I started light to get a feel for it, but in the end it worked out great! Definitely killed my back! Kind of hobbling now aha.

    Round 1:
    17 reps @65lbs

    Round 2:
    20 reps @95lbs

    Round 3:
    25 @100lbs

  78. Gavin

    @V2J, dropping and getting reset or regripping is acceptable. It’s a “rep max” which means you have proper athletic position for the movement and proper grip. But don’t walk away from the bar…

  79. Gavin

    Strength DL no reps at 345. Shot from yesterday.
    Conditioning did 1:1, then 2:2, etc…
    7 rounds @ 95#.
    6 rounds @ 105#.
    6 rounds @ 115#.

  80. RMH

    ASWOD – 5rm 345#
    DWOD 95#s R1-5mc/pp
    Only rest was 4 min between rounds.
    Third round last mc was done twice because dropped hips

  81. BWengs

    CSWOD – Hang PC 2RM – 225

    DWOD – All @135
    Round 1 – 4.5 rounds
    Round 2 – 5 rounds
    Round 3 – 5 rounds

  82. Emily C

    DL 3RM at 275#

    Will be doing my DWOD tomorrow.
    Power cleans at 75% BW
    Pull ups

    @Paula: thanks! Good to be back.

  83. Clint

    DL 5×385# – still working the hook grip. Is getting manageable. My thumbs will be 2″ longer by the time I get into high 4’s again.

    Did this as a barbell complex where I held onto the bar entire time. Tap and goes. Like most complexes, starts easy and all of a sudden, lungs are working way too hard.
    Round 1 failed because I power cleaned – it was more like an instinct that I couldn’t fight. Grip and lungs gone … power clean. Round 2 I was too gassed after the PP so dumped it from the top.
    Round 3 was also a fail because I power cleaned again. Transitioning from 4PP back to a MC turned my world upside down in this round.
    Rnd 1 155# 3 rounds + 1 MC
    Rnd 2 145# 4 rounds
    Rnd 3 135# 4 rounds + 1 MC

  84. Tony


    I did both collegiate and professional…
    2RM Hang PC – 265
    3×15 Starr Shrugs – 265


    All done at 135 and we completed 5 rounds for each progression.

  85. beck

    ASWOD – 375lbs x 2 reps. going to try 375 again next week. been at the firehouse for 2 days so not much sleep

    DWOD – 135lbs – 3 rnds, 145lbs – 3 rnds, 155lbs – 3 rnds. i think if i wasnt at work and had slept decent last night i would have had better numbers. i think the weight was on point but i think i could have gotten a few more rnds in maybe.

  86. Brett_nyc

    HPC. 265×2 then 275 x1,1

    185 for 5 mc 3 oh
    185 for 3 mc 3 oh
    135 for 3 mc 3 oh. Ran out of gas.

  87. Jared M

    Strength: DL 5RM 335-PR Up from 240 at start of program in October. Super stoked!

    Conditioning: 6@95, 7@115, 6+4@115. All rounds done as 1 then 1, 2 then 2…… didn’t drop bar on the first two, reset after each set of presses on the third. Feeling pretty swole-up after the last two days.

  88. leftofcenter

    Hang Power Clean 2RM – 255

    1) @145 – 3 RDS
    2) @155 – 3 RDS
    3) @155 – 3 RDS and 3 PP

  89. Katrina

    SWOD: 2 x 115 lb HPC
    CWOD: 4 @ 55 lbs, 4 +1 MC @ 55 lbs, 4 +1 MC @ 55 lbs (I stopped when I started using my hips).

  90. V

    Deadlift 5RM @ 155lb

    65lb for all three rounds
    1. 6
    2. 6
    3. 6

  91. Derek

    HPC 185
    Star Shrug 275 RX Need straps for shrugs couldn’t hold any more weight for that many reps.
    WOD 135 6rds, 145 6rds, 155 5rds

  92. Dunn

    SWOD: 2RM HC – 215#

    DWOD: 75# for all three.
    1)6 & 6
    2)6 & 4
    3)6 & 2
    Way tougher than I though.

  93. dredlocked

    – Deadlift: was supposed to hit 395#, got one rep but the second wouldn’t budge, big mental hiccup; dropped to 365# and hit my 5, belted; video looked pretty good
    – might reset to 365# and reascend

    – 125#@ 4PP+3MC; 4PP+2MC; 4PP+1MC
    – 4 minutes rest b/w sets, touch’n’go reps
    – compared to 6/11/13 I went 10# heavier on the first round (flat on the 2nd/3rd) and made it through at least 8 more reps on each round
    – grip was huge limiting factor

    -Supine barbell rows (feet elevated): mixed grip @ 15,8,8,7

    Move the Dirt.

  94. Kyle

    SWOD – 2RM Hang Power Clean 225#
    DWOD – 115# 6 Rds, 6 Rds, 5 Rds

  95. SheepDog

    CSWOD: 2RM 195. Not my best effort.

    DWOD: 115 for 5 Rounds, 125 for 3 Rounds and some change before my muscle cleans turned to power cleans, 135 for 3 Rounds.

  96. Slampiece

    every week I go into this thinking I will be resetting, but nope not this week another PR.

    35 kgs/4 rds
    37 kgs/5MC + 4PP
    39 kgs/4 rds

    @Emily, hopefully the weather in South Bend hasn’t been treating you too badly 😉

  97. Chelsey LFL

    SWOD: 5rm DL 120k!!!! New PR!

    1) 5 @37k
    2) 5 @39k
    3) 4+ 5mc & 2pp @41k

  98. Seminole 4

    5RM @ 235#

    Power clean @ 115# Sad to say, this is more than 75% of my bodyweight.

  99. Josh

    There’s no way you did 3×100 of the elevated push ups. I smell bullshit.

  100. Kelly Gage

    HPC 70kg x2

    Muscle clean/push press
    5 rnds @ 40kg
    5 rnds @ 94 lb (40 Kg + 5 lbs)
    4 rnds @ 94

  101. Longo

    ASWOD: 5RM DL 405 (warmed up with some SHRUGS – great article)
    DWOD: 135×6, 145×5 sucked, 155×4 sucked more. This one always gets me!

  102. Griff

    CSWOD: 2RM HPC – 225. Failed at 245, didn’t try 235.

    DWOD: 135 x 4, 115 x 4, 115 x 3+2.

  103. Will R - Nashville - 31/5'11"/175#

    One day behind

    Deadlift 5RM @ 325#

    95# – 6 rounds
    105# – 4 rounds
    115# – 4 rounds

    From yesterday
    Squats @ 275#
    Subbed jump rope for Assault Sprint
    8 rounds completed

    First jump rope snapped in half during first round. Found another and kept going. Snow flurries started coming down, couldn’t feel my toes by the end.

    Press 3×5 @ 117.5#
    36″ elevated push ups 3x max reps

  104. CAL

    DL 5RM – 350 (pr by 6.5)

    1: @95 4 rounds
    2: @95 4 rounds, 1MC
    3: @95 4 round 2 MC

    Ended with some snatch skill at 95 since the bar was outside and loaded.

  105. JP

    DL 1×5 285# (no belt)

    135# for all 3 rounds
    4 Rounds even
    3 Rounds + 4 MC + 2 PP
    3 Rounds even

    Finished with 50 push-up variations

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